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This site is dedicated to helping health and social care practitioners improve the way they assess the mental capacity of people they treat or support. On this page you can share your experiences or thoughts on carrying out mental capacity assessments.
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Tim Wilson 17.05.2013

This audit tool is good for basic refelection, but appears to lack any intelligence. so I would recommend if it is used it is to facilitate a discussion with a more experienced practitioner and food for thought rather than a robust audit. To evaluate it I said that the person could not understand the information and I was unsure whether they could communicate the information. Absurdly I concluded that they had capacity. The report failed to put the pieces together to point out overall errors.

sharon COLTMAN 16.03.2013

my mother has mental capacity, living in sheltered accomadation, knows everything, at the age of 87, still an intellagent lady, yet the council will not let her see to her own finances, this can not be right can it?.

llllllllllllllllllll xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 22.12.2012

The questions do not seem to be appearing on the screen.

Russell Wheat 08.11.2012

I can't read the questions - I guessed my way through so I could download the report in pdf format, where I could actually read the questions I was supposed to answering on the tool, but couldn't. If you can correct this problem, then the tool is very useful.

Brian Higginson 24.10.2012

This is an excellent Audit Tool. As a GP required to do an assessment I spent some time researching the BMA & RCGP Website and was unable to find help on the process which the assessor is required to go through to do a Mental Care Asssessment e.g. how to evaluate if they are able to weigh up evidence - I would have expected some clinical tests like the MMSE (MINI MENTAL STATE EXAMINATION) but it appears the 'balance of probabilities covers a multitude of sins